Alessia Camoirano Bruges, Painting

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London | @intenseartalessia

I was born in Italy in 1994. My mother is Colombian. I currently live in London and graduated from the University of the Arts London with first-class honours. I lived in more than 10 cities and each one inspired me in a different way. Being able to live in different cultures, listen to many stories, learn multiple languages, and feel emotions very intensely influenced deeply the person I am today and my art.

Colours always had deeper meanings and for centuries, humans experimented with it and understood that each colour has a meaning which is often tied to emotions. As human beings, we experience a multitude of emotions and experiences through our life such as love, belonging, trauma, healing, and my mission is to portray these experiences and emotions as abstract images and texts as well as research their meaning with a focus on colour. In this way, I can process my own experiences and allow the audience to relate to them too by creating a sense of vulnerability and intimacy in each painting. | @intenseartalessia | Painting

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I don't need your approval.jpg