JANUARY 22, 2022

5 Years of Create! Magazine

Ekaterina in a cream suit jacket against a white background, smiling into the camera.

Ekaterina Popova

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Dear Reader,

As I sip a cup of Earl Gray tea on a rainy fall day, listening to the raindrops on my window, I reminisce on the past five years of running our small, but mighty, magazine. I am so grateful for all the experiences, adventures, lessons and wisdom you, our reader, enabled us to experience. 

Five years ago, I sat in front of my laptop, working nights and weekends to bring my vision to life. Even though five years feels like a long time, I know we are just scratching the surface. I know I am constantly learning about what you, our readers, enjoy, what I love writing and sharing and what our writers are passionate about featuring on these pages and online spaces of our community. As we become more self-aware, we are also more receptive and open to our audience's dreams, passions and visions. We have so much to accomplish, experience and learn together. 

Some of my favorite moments include meeting our artists, readers, curators and other outstanding members of our community in person. Whether we bump into each other at an art fair during better days or plan a casual meetup over appetizers and drinks in your local city, it's a joy to get to know you. During the times we were able to co-curate exhibitions, such as those with Paradigm, I met a few of you in person and even created lasting friendships. 

What's featured on these pages is just the very tip of the iceberg, a mere glimpse into how talented, expressive, bold and courageous the art community is. We hope you also enjoy the weekly interviews, podcast episodes and social media features our team so carefully selects to introduce you to new ideas, art, design and creative business strategy. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow as an artist and for our readers, writers, curators and designers. I learn so much by interacting with high-level thinkers and creatives and would not challenge myself if not for my exposure to the individuals we share with you on these pages and beyond. 

Out of the five, these past two years have by far been the most challenging for many of us. The uncertainty brought on by a global crisis, the constant need to think outside the box, pivot and make it work financially, makes me incredibly grateful for your support, our resilient team and the ability to release yet another fantastic issue. I will never take for granted this publication, you, dear reader, and the blessing of waking up to see another day doing what I love. So join me in celebrating this epic milestone together, grab a glass of bubbly or a cup of coffee and enjoy the 28th edition of Create! Magazine. 

5 years of art5 years of experimentation5 years of publishing books, magazines, blogs and podcasts5 years of in-person and online exhibitions 5 years of resilience and keeping this publication alive5 years of celebrating each other through art, writing and independent media 

Being an artist and a small business owner is not for the faint of heart. But this means of expression is precisely the medicine we need in a volatile and unpredictable world. Together we can rise, use art to heal, process our emotions, connect on a deeper level and learn strategies to keep thriving. 

Our team is excited to unroll the next level of our publication by bringing you an empowering online subscription that gives you access to our entire collection of issues, as well as training sessions on how to grow your art business and use social media to gain visibility and the opportunity to hear from expert guest speakers and connect with fellow members of the community. We are excited to include you in the process of creating our magazine, sharing opportunities and more. Visit our website to learn more!

As always, thank you for your support—we are so excited for you to dive in, get cozy and explore the spaces, art, ideas and stories found in this issue.