Srinjoy Gangopadhyay is a visionary artist based in Atlanta, USA. He effortlessly fuses modern, urban, and pop influences in his mesmerizing creations, embodying the essence of a true artistic spirit. Born into a family of creatives, Srinjoy's artistic journey spans the globe, crafting captivating artworks that transcend boundaries. His exploration of the theme of 'Utopia' in a contemporary context serves as a captivating mirror to everyday experiences or a portal to alternative realms. His works have been showcased in multiple editions of the world's most comprehensive Contemporary Fine Art Fairs, including Art Basel Week in Miami, Florida. He has a year-round presence in multiple leading Fine Art Galleries in the United States and Europe. His creations epitomize the artistic pursuit of the ideal, skillfully navigating the tension between desire and the infinite possibilities of imagination.

Icon Glamour Artist Statement

The word ‘Glamour’ has an inherent reference to romanticism – an alluring, enchanting sense of attraction. Contemporary popular culture and urban culture, for me, allude to collective utopias that attract. Iconic visual material from these sources is reinterpreted in a creative remix through unique visual sampling. The iconic is further accented by beams of color that look like digital glitches. This ‘Glitch Aesthetics’ creates a surreal alchemy of the post-digital age, also transcending the figuration into the arena of modernist abstraction. The drip as a visual metaphor operates on many layers. The concept of ‘Drip’ in contemporary popular urban language is associated with attractiveness or swag. The ‘Drip’ can also reference a sense of ‘Time’ and ‘Continuum’ or a continuity of something from the past. It may reference a charm or an appeal that is still enlivened, evergreen, or everlasting, thus defying ‘Time’ itself.