Samantha Cruz is a Mexican/American artist. She is a third cultured adult who was raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Cruz received a BFA at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Cruz works with a selection of acrylic mediums from paint to inks creating techno oneiric landscapes. Embedding structure into chaotic patterns. Pursuing the disintegration of her textile bias to reinvent the hidden meaning behind woven constructions.

When did you first begin creating art?

I have always been a creative being, the earliest memory I have creating my work was when I was around seven years old. My younger brother and I would spend hours creating A4-size drawings after school and spend our weekends going door-to-door to try and sell our artwork. We lived in a compound with about 400 houses and made it our goal to stop by every home. Within just a few weeks, most of our neighbors had supported our work and began to purchase drawings monthly. It took us a long time, but eventually, it became a weekly activity we thoroughly enjoyed.

I started taking art more seriously when I entered high school and decided to enroll in the International Baccalaureate Program for Art and eventually went to Art School at MASSART.

Since then, not only have I always had the urge to create art and indulge in the excitement it brought me, whether it was drawings, sculptures, or even apparel, but sharing my work with other people is what brings me pure joy!

When did you first consider yourself to be an artist?

The day I got my first commission request.

Who or what influences your practice?

I find myself most strongly influenced by textiles, lights and lamps, small found objects, and the emotions that music brings me. I love collecting different fabrics and mini cups and using them to influence my paintings.

Tell us about a specific moment in your career that you would consider a turning point.

I moved to Madrid in 2018 -- during that time, I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful mentor that taught me how to breathe, eat, and live like a painter. I was able to experiment with my painting and develop my painting style. That was when I started to explore and push the boundaries of my work.

Where would you like to see your artwork go in the future?

I want my work to be showcased in Riyadh, New York, Mexico, and Milan. Having grown up in Riyadh, I want to have a solo show in a place where my creativity began and have the show travel to New York, a place where my creativity continues to expand.  My dream is to create 2-meter paintings and showcase them at Gallery Perrotin in New York.