Rachel Perls is a painter and architectural color consultant living in the San Francisco Bay Area. While earning a degree in art from UC Davis, she was fortunate to study under Wayne Thiebaud, soaking up his mastery of color. Her arts career has varied across many disciplines; whether creating edible works of art on high-end cakes, painting decorative finishes and murals, or capturing the personality traits of pets in commissioned portraits, Perls has always maintained a passion for chroma. After completing the accreditation program through the International Association of Color Consultants, Perls established Hue Consulting, an architectural color design business. In 2016, Perls began her painting series of large, hyper-realistic flowers, especially peonies and dahlias. Perls’ painting, “Swirling Dahlia”, was the winning submission selected to be showcased on all marketing and collateral for Artspan’s 2022 San Francisco Open Studios. Her work has been featured in the Robb Report, and hangs in collections across the country. She lives in Oakland with her husband, daughter, and 2 dogs.

"Confection" by Rachel Perls


My expansive blossom portraits are an immersive experience. When a flower is larger than life, it becomes dominant: demanding attention through its immense size and bold graphic forms. My paintings reflect a journey of discovery; unfurling and opening up to the world. Just as I reframe and elevate people’s perception of floral paintings, I too, am breaking free of traditional molds, coming into my own power and claiming this unique space of magnified complexity and beauty. Imbued in every piece I paint is my desire to capture the awe and magic of a single moment, an explosion full of luminescent light, color, and joy.  I invite the viewer to pay attention to the unexpected by considering a different way of seeing the world and the beauty of flowers within it.

"Coral Peony" by Rachel Perls
"Dancing Dahlia" by Rachel Perls
"Flame" by Rachel Perls
"Heartfelt" by Rachel Perls
"Mine" by Rachel Perls
"Sunshine Dahlia" by Rachel Perls
"Swirling Dahlia" by Rachel Perls