In “PERFECT STORM", Katrin Fridriks and Jan Kaláb have found the ultimate sweet spot of their individual artistic expression to create hypnotic, intriguing pieces, where movement and color rule.

Having shipped the paintings back and forth between their studios in the south of France and Prague, Katrin and Jan built upon each other’s work, accentuating and perfecting details for a truly collaborative partnership and an immaculate, heavenly match.

The electric collaboration presented by Swiss gallery, BC Gallery, is excited to join the acclaimed group show, Personal Structures - Beyond Boundaries, hosted by ECC, European Cultural Centre, in Venice this April. The biennial contemporary art exhibition is the 7th edition from ECC and will run from April 20 until November 24, 2024 during the Venice Art Biennale. The group show seeks to document the diversity of contemporary art in today’s world, aiming to feature and combine different expressions from over 200 visual artists, galleries, photographers, sculptors, institutions, and universities, that break away from any ideological, political and geographical barriers. In this exclusive interview, we learn more about how this dynamic collaboration came to fruition.

"Inner Space of Red Moon 523"
Acrylic on canvas on wood panel
130 diameter x 10 cm, 2023

Responses from artist Jan Kaláb

Did you approach this collaboration differently than you would your individual artwork? If so, in what way(s)?

Yes, I approached this collaboration differently compared to my individual artwork because it required a greater degree of mutual understanding and compromise. In my solo projects, I have complete control over every aspect of creation, whereas here, I constantly coordinated with Katrin to ensure our styles and visions complemented each other effectively.

What was most exciting about working with another artist?

The most exciting part about working with another artist was the exchange of ideas and techniques. Seeing Katrin's unique approach to blending and capturing movement in paint inspired new methods in my own practice. It was thrilling to push each other's boundaries and see our styles evolve in response to one another's influence.

Can you talk about how you believe your works and this exhibition fits into all of the programming happening as part of the Biennale this year? What is it like to be a part of it?

Our exhibition, hosted by the ECC alongside the Venice Biennale, resonates with the Biennale’s ethos of pushing artistic boundaries. It provides us with a valuable platform to engage in the global conversation on contemporary art, offering our distinct perspectives to a broad cultural dialogue. As Venice becomes the focal point of the art world during this period, it’s truly remarkable to be part of such a vibrant and diverse artistic community.

"Inner Space of Red Moon 523"
Acrylic on canvas on wood panel
130 diameter x 10 cm, 2023

Responses from Nick Bargezi, BC GALLERY

How did this exhibition come about?

Katrin called us out of the blue one day and proposed the idea.

Was there anything different to the production process than usual?

The artists did not work together in the same studio simultaneously, as one would expect in a collaboration, but had the works shipped back and forth to each respective studio. That made for an interesting dynamic to watch.

Will there be future collaborations between the artists and the gallery?

As we have been working with Jan Kaláb for over eight years already, it is safe to say that there will be more in store. I am always open to continuing working with Katrin Fridriks. It was a great experience working with her.


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