"Art moves culture, culture shapes the World"

Olivia Jane is a contemporary visionary artist who’s work is a reflection of her love for the wild, for mystery, and the relationships between humans and the rest of the natural world. Throughout her life as a global nomad, Olivia has been influenced by a multitude of cultures and beliefs, ultimately weaving her own unfolding story. Inspired by myth and the earliest art forms, Olivia Jane creates therianthropic deities that represent the interconnectedness of all life. Her current body of work focuses on transformation and relationships between spirit, landscape and story. Olivia’s work also aims to celebrate and uplift fellow contemporary visionaries and draw attention to their work.  

Olivia Jane is a full time artist, teacher and student from her private atelier in beautiful New Mexico.


When did you first begin creating art?

I've been creating art for as long as I can remember, and have been oil painting since I was 16. I am now 30.

When did you first consider yourself to be an artist?

I didn't fully commit to calling myself an artist until 2017. I had many other jobs throughout my 20's, I wasn't able to fully lean on my artwork yet, but once I committed fully, doors started opening and I've been walking ahead ever since. In 2017 I quit my sales job and began painting murals. I ended up traveling the world with money I had saved up and painted across four continents. This was a life changing adventure that I will always cherish. I developed tremendously as an artist and also gained a lifetime of inspiration along the way.

Who or what influences your practice?

Traveling abroad had a very strong influence on my art and life. I backpacked internationally for many years, and I felt so inspired after my first big trip that I was propelled back into my painting practice after a long hiatus. The perspective I gained while traveling left me in awe of this life and wanting to celebrate each day with devotion to a craft.

Tell us about a specific moment in your career that you would consider a turning point.

The biggest turning point for me was when I decided I was going to do this full heartedly. Once I committed fully to my practice, doors have opened, not without plenty of challenges, but the path is unfolding--keep going!  

Where would you like to see your artwork go in the future?

In the future I see myself showing internationally and traveling the world through my artwork. In the past I have done so through murals and street art and I'd like to do this in galleries as well. I also aim to inspire other creatives and continue teaching the art of painting. I enjoy showing my work in person and sharing in my process.