Explore the Multidimensional Mixed Media Art of Marryam Moma

Website: marryammoma.com
Instagram: @marryammomaart

Tanzanian-Nigerian collage artist Marryam Moma skillfully crafts visually narrative displays, drawing inspiration from current events and personal encounters. Through repurposed archival paper, mixed media paints, and golden elements, she transcends the boundaries of her medium, creating multidimensional imagery brimming with subliminal suggestions. Marryam's work delves into the complexities of living in a Black body, celebrating Black joy and emphasizing individuality and self-love.

Rooted in her architectural education and a family immersed in creativity, Marryam's disciplined and expressive approach reflects her upbringing. Her art unveils the magic within her family and the broader Black community, challenging contemporary stereotypes and reshaping perceptions, particularly of Black women. Each of her creations illustrates the inherent power and intricacy of the Black woman.

Marryam's practice explores the intersections of race, sexuality, and identity, seeking to celebrate the human form and reframe societal perceptions of the Black body in a divisive world. Her work has garnered recognition from notable corporations like Microsoft and Starbucks, as well as appearances on popular TV shows and features in renowned magazines. Exhibiting extensively, including in her home country of Nigeria, Marryam's art serves as a homecoming for the inner child who once resided in Abuja.

Artist Statement

As a Tanzanian-Nigerian collage artist, I chose to escape the rigidity of my formal architecture background in favor of building a creative practice that highlights the experiences of people like me. I depict Black life, reframed and reimagined experiences, and highlight Black joy through a multidimensional use of cutouts, layered paper, acrylic paints, gold leaf, and shiny mixed media. Contrasting textures, luxurious materials, rich colors, and a careful selection of apparently disparate elements come together in my art to spark conversations about the multilayered experiences of Black bodies – including my own – amid persistent societal divisions that stand in the way of the harmony and inclusivity I believe in.

The series "Into The Deep Black" collages envision a future of Black Existentialism where Black bodies merge strength with cyborg enhancements. Through analog collage, I explore community members uplifting Black and Brown people. Motivated by liberation from racism and disruptions as an African, I examine Black existentialism, authenticity, freedom, and identity. This confronts existential challenges from racial injustice, recognizing Black humanity, and dismantling oppressive systems for inclusivity. Using analog collage, I reimagine hybrid beings embodying intellect, sophistication, and fearlessness, vulnerable due to collective humanity. Witnessing community fortification through their work inspires my artistic expression, mirroring myself and pushing creative boundaries.