Working primarily in oil on canvas, Mariah’s current subject matter focuses on the female form. Finding that this subject naturally leads to positivity, optimism, and strength, she highlights these themes with urgency in today’s turbulent society. With each new work, she pushes the boundary between classical and contemporary styles.

This body of work consists of two similar series ideas. The first, “Adorn,” explored the concept of women adorning themselves in unique ways. I invited a few local models to come adorned however they chose and then tell me why. Using this as a jumping-off point, I then created the larger-than-life works in the studio.

With the momentum I had created with “Adorn,” I did not feel like I finished with this road I had turned down. The most recent series, “Feminine Rising,” naturally came out of this along with a collaboration with a local costume designer. As I was exploring composition ideas after the photoshoot with all the models, this series took on a deeper meaning. It led me to meditate on the idea of the re-coronation of the divine feminine within her six archetypes. From there, all the Goddesses were reborn!