Discover the Art of Lucy Pike: An Exploration of Presence and Emotion

Instagram: lucypikeart

Lucy Pike was born and raised in the southeastern United States. Her organic, ink-stained canvases have been featured in various exhibitions from Visionary Art Collective, Juniper Rag magazine, and Roaring Artist Gallery, where she was awarded the Juror’s Choice Award. Recent artist residencies include Stay Home Gallery and JX Farms residencies, as well as the “Shape: Art and Health Justice” residency from Vinegar Contemporary. Pike currently lives and works near Birmingham, AL.


My art is at its core an exploration of presence: the unceasing journey of inhabiting and being present with our full selves, whether that is within the most fulfilling joy, heartbreaking loss, or any other moment in between. I delve into these ways of being with broad strokes and pools of color. My paintings evoke emotionality with layers of acrylic ink and organic forms, most often on raw canvas. These materials create both a depth and rawness that speak directly to feminine personhood. I am a process-based painter and allow the materials to influence the evolution of the work. I am constantly seeking a greater interconnectedness between my own life and that of the world around me, attempting to understand how living within the present moment is an integral part of that journey.