Kacee Friedman is a painter living in Woodstock, GA. She grew up as a part-time framer in the backroom of her family’s frame shop and art gallery. Throughout her young life, she was always engaged in learning and creating art. Kacee was always surrounded by those who are truly passionate about a creative life, and she always had the dream of being a great artist.

She went to school for fashion and film, where she worked for most of her adult life. After having her son twelve years ago, Kacee became a full-time visual artist. She works in series, and in past series has created moody landscapes with text, foggy roads, and women in high-end fashion.

Her paintings strive to recreate the mood of one present moment. The artist’s intent is to capture her feelings rather than a replica of an environment or person. She makes connections between materialism, spirit, and the purity of nature. Kacee is a spiritual seeker with a quest to live aware and fully in the present moment. Her goal is to create pieces that capture those experiences. The artist expresses the push-and-pull of her love of nature with her love of material things, with elements of high-end fashion and architecture recurring in her work. That balance (or sometimes imbalance) is a core life lesson for Kacee and contributes strongly to her subject matter.