Julian Cardinal, born and raised on Cape Cod, began painting in 2011. The Burlington, Vermont-based artist has come to be known for his whimsical, abstract depictions of figures and florals. His bright colors and dramatic brushstrokes evoke movement throughout the canvas. A subtle mystery is felt through the poses and ambiguous facial features, or even a complete absence of features. The paintings take on a dreamlike quality aided by the use of colors and quick brushstrokes. Cardinal looks to both vintage and modern fashion imagery, finding inspiration from the lines and movements of a garment, furthering the overall dreaminess. At 35 years old, Cardinal has managed to develop a style that has an obvious movement to it yet aims to never appear overworked. Besides Cape Cod, his work has also been exhibited in New York City, The Hamptons, Vermont, and North Carolina.


I prefer dreamy and airy qualities for my work that are further enabled by my use of earthy tones. This, I feel, creates an overall loose composition. My influences range from French impressionists Monet, Cezanne, and Degas, to neo-expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat, and renowned Provincetown painters Anne and Cynthia Packard.

I prefer to work as quickly as possible as a means to preserve the initial intention that I set out to do when beginning a piece. I draw inspiration from vintage subject matter, especially early 20th-century French fashion, an aesthetic component that crosses over into my real life as well. My goal is to combine the vintage style of fashion with contemporary Expressionism.