JEMIMASARA welcomes you to her solo exhibition: ‘I’VE LOST MY FAITH IN THIS CRAP’ running from May 12th - 18th, 2022 at CRATE, 1 Bilton Square, High Street, Margate CT9 1EE. JEMIMASARA is a multidisciplinary artist playing with the fluidity of everyday life, merging diaristic texts with the figurative, making meaning from the ‘nitty-gritty’ and day-to-day. 

A note from the artist: 

“‘I’VE LOST MY FAITH IN THIS CRAP’ is a personal show on opening up conversations and/or shutting them down. It’s about a personal internet life, blame, being a woman artist, spirals, everyday life and exploring freedom of expression. 

There's a lot of blame happening, especially and overwhelmingly on the internet. Human beings arguing about each and everything, so prone to insulting each other. With comments being said about everyone, and everything. ‘Memes’ being created about large celebrity cases or mental illness and more. What are we digesting with our eyes everyday? And does it need to be cross sectioned, debated or canceled? 

Memes are a great form of communication: an idea, behavior, image, or style that is spread via the Internet. But what about in real life? Can a woman artist create art based on ‘Meme Culture’? Can we explore our own traumas and use art and humor as a way to communicate that? Have you lost your faith in this crap? Because I haven’t”.

JEMIMIASARA contemporary art
JEMIMIASARA contemporary art

About the artist: JEMIMASARA is multi-disciplinary artist addressing self-expression and aspects of mental health. Her approach to drawing is enriched by a background in puppetry and plays on the fluidity of everyday life. Merging diaristic texts with the figurative, Jemima Sara’s practice derives meaning from the ‘nitty-gritty’ and day-to-day. Predominantly word and image, these pieces mostly need little explanation as they are, to some extent self-identifying. In recognition, the viewer is invited to question their response and positionality if they desire. In reflecting, confessing and revealing the struggles of daily life, her drawings ignite conversation as a form of self-therapy or so-called catharsis.

JEMIMASARA has exhibited her work in many solo and group shows including The South London Gallery x Camberwell, Copeland Gallery, The Square Gallery and has been often featured in major publications including Elle, The Evening Standard, Marie Claire, amongst others. 

About CRATE: an artist-led organization based in East Kent supporting contemporary visual artists’ research and practice. CRATE promotes critical debate and the exchange of ideas without prescribed outcomes. 

CRATE is located in an old printworks, just off Margate High Street, behind KFC and next to LIMBO. The space is a ten minute walk from Margate train station, which runs regular services to London St Pancras and London Victoria, and five minutes away from Turner Contemporary Gallery. 

JEMIMIASARA contemporary art