Artist Statement

This portrait, entitled ‘Israel’, was made during a series of teaching/art residency in various Cree nations in Northern Quebec. Each time, I spent six weeks working alongside students, helping them develop their Drawing and Painting skills. This portrait, rendered as a simple graphite drawing, is part of a larger series of works called ‘Rez life’. This series acted as a journal to the relationships formed, and experiences lived, during these influential residencies which provided immeasurable personal growth.  


I am a Multidisciplinary artist, M.A graduate of Central Saint Martin’s College in London, England, and OCADU in Toronto. I have Received awards such as the CSPWC Julius Griffith Memorial award, and Duncan McPherson award of excellence. My work is part of the permanent collection of the Portrait Gallery of Canada (Canadian Archives), and I have participated in shows throughout North America, and Europe, including Toronto, Montreal, New York, Miami, London, Paris, Santorini, Bologna. My work also appeared in a number of publications and media such as Canadian Art, Voir Magazine, CBC news, and Garageland, and was featured on the Bravo T.V series ‘Star Portraits’.

Most recently, my work was included at TED SOMA in San Francisco in collaboration with Choreographer Marissa Wong, my work was also shortlisted for the Salt Spring National Art Prize and Jerwood award.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue art professionally?

I realized that I wanted to be a professional artist when I went for my portfolio interview at college. It was the first time I had the sense of belonging. The feeling I had when I left my interview was incredible. It just felt right.

Whether artist or friend, who has continued to inspire your work?

My conversations I have with my fellow collaborator, choreographer Marissa Wong, constantly inspire me to continue with the work I'm doing. We often discuss how to be better humans, more connected, and useful to ourselves, and other people.

What do you enjoy exploring through your art?

All my work is autobiographical to a certain extent. I explore themes that are relevant at that moment in my life, so the themes have changed over time. I am always seeking to connect to other people through my work. Currently, I am exploring themes of love, loss, isolation versus connectedness, and healing, through the passage of time.  

Looking back, what advice do you wish you could give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to have more self-confidence. That I don't need to legitimize my art practice through someone else's idea of what art is.  

What is one thing you hope your audience walks away with after experiencing/viewing your work?

I hope that my audience is able to connect with my art on a personal level. I hope that I'm able to plant a seed in my viewer to reflect on the themes I'm engaged in.

Original Art by Jamie Bradbury
Jamie Bradbury
Jamie Bradbury