Artist Statement

My artistic practice has always been rooted in the exploration of societal dynamics and human interaction with the built environment. All submitted paintings are part of the project "Glass and Plastic," which aligns seamlessly with my artistic vision and aims to investigate the profound influence of commercial advertising on urban landscapes and the associated shifts in social behavior, with a particular focus on the issues of overconsumption and commodity fetishism. Inspired by the works of Marx and Debord, I aim to provoke meaningful dialogue within the arts community and society at large about the consequences of consumer culture. Through a multi-faceted approach, including thorough research, field studies, and artistic creation, I intend to shed light on how advertisements shape our cities, influence consumer behavior, and contribute to the fetishization of products. By juxtaposing the commercial visuals with the real-life reflections in my artworks, I wish to expose the stark disconnect between commercially created ideals and the reality of urban life and mundane human problems. Seeking to go beyond the visual, I explore the idea of message exchange between public and private spheres.

Artist Bio

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and currently based in Montreal, Iryna Merkulova is a visual artist whose creative journey finds inspiration in the intricate social processes of the modern world, especially within urban environments. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts (With Distinction) from Concordia University, Merkulova’s artistic exploration spans painting, drawing, and mixed media. She has participated in numerous exhibitions across Canada, receiving support from the Canada Council for the Arts and various cultural public organizations.‍