I live in a remote northern community in Yukon, Canada. I'm obsessed with pink, and repetition, and absurdity. All of which pair nicely with obsession. Most of what I make is sh*t. Witnesses to failed attempts at trying to find meaning or value or understanding of the world. What remains offers fleeting glimmers of clarity at some moment. I barely even remember of what now. I bid you godspeed.

Original Art by Nicole Rayburn

Statement: “Capitalist n luvin’ it” series

‘oh no that’s awful – thoughts & prayers’, ‘you are trendy & special, you are trendy & special’ & ‘don’t look at me I’m rich’ are part of the “capitalist n luvin’ it” series, which critically reflects on the culture of individualism and self-obsession that has emerged from our dearly beloved capitalist system. Using purebred dogs and humor as a lens through which to witness absurd declarations of selfishness, lavish excess, and hollow gestures of care, we can sit uncomfortably both in the position of identifying with our anthropomorphized friends and finding endearing cuteness in the hounds, and wanting to critically declare capitalist corruption and inequality...or at least that’s where I find myself.

Instagram: @pinkmilkdrink

Original Art by Nicole Rayburn