Jen Dwyer is a contemporary artist primarily known for her work in ceramics and painting. She recently released an exclusive new series of sculptures with our partner gallery PxP Contemporary called "High Maintenance". This collection explores themes of empowerment and joy. Read more about it below!

Jen Dwyer’s most recent body of work, High Maintenance, stems from the messaging women receive in contemporary advertising to; ‘fix this part of your body’ you didn’t know was an issue or ‘buy this thing to make your home more charming’ even though you didn’t realize it needed improving, and so on. Nodding to the whimsical Rococo aesthetic, Dwyer’s playful and fantastical sculptures give a reprieve from this tiring, repetitive messaging. She creates a world where women can take a break to eat a pear without guilt and worrying whether they’ve done enough of their to-do list, or lay on the couch doing nothing, rather than feeling shame for relaxing. Dwyer’s colorful one-of-a-kind ceramics illustrate little glimpses of women embracing female desire by experiencing blissful joy and enjoying life as they please.


Alicia Puig has been a contributing writer for Create! Magazine since 2017.