My name is Jackie Loven and I’m an acrylic painter in Seattle. I found art as a form of self-care: making something with my own hands has been so rewarding to me. I dabble in painting, torchworking (small glass figurines), and lettering.


I’m endlessly inspired by the living city around me- I love painting subjects that my friends and family will cherish, like scenes of Seattle or my friend’s plants at golden hour. I hope you enjoy these bright and vivacious paintings as much as I do!


Painting by Jackie Loven

What initially compelled you to create your work?

I wanted a creative outlet. It is so good for my mental health to be able to create something out of nothing, so I started making art and painting more frequently.  

What main topic does your artwork address and why?

I don’t really have a main topic for my artwork. I like to paint things that I see around me, like scenes of Seattle and items I use every day in my house. I haven’t made too many “collections” aside from one topic that keeps bringing me back over and over again, which is the way light passes through water or a cocktail - that’s really compelling to me. I tend to focus more on the aesthetic than the topic.

In your artistic journey, what has been the most challenging point thus far?

Definitely making it into a mini-business has been the hardest part. I make and sell art as a hobby in my free time. To still stay connected to the art while also marketing myself, doing sales, doing taxes, trying to figure out how to have an online presence and still keep my mental health - those parts have been the hardest.

But it’s also been rewarding in its own way. I’ve always wanted to learn what it’s like to have a little mini-business and I’ve learned a lot about consistency and what my art actually means to me.

Painting by Jackie Loven

Is there an aspect of your life that especially impacts your practice?

Yeah! My favorite colors are blue and yellow. : )

What do you do when you find yourself at a creative block?

I usually just stop creating! That’s typically been the most effective way for me to get past the block - to just give myself a break. Occasionally, I will switch to a different form of art. I really like making little figurines out of glass, so if I’m in a creative block with my painting, I’ll spend a few weeks just doing glass figurines, and sometimes that will give me the break I need to come back to painting.

Painting by Jackie Loven
Painting by Jackie Loven
Jackie Loven