Caroline Liu (b. 1987, she/they) is a neurodivergent and bicultural artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico, she is a versatile artist who works across various mediums including paintings, murals, and fiber art. She uses inspiration from her own life to create fantastical narratives with vibrant colors, textural elements, and refractive light that bridge the gap between memory and physicality.

Original Art by Caroline Liu

Artist Statement

My current body of work reimagines the stages of grief and the delicate interplay between life, death, anger, love, and loss. I am fascinated by the multi-layered universes within us, and aim to uncover our deepest emotions, memories, and dreamscapes. My investigation begins with exploring themes in my own life journey, short-term memory loss as a result of multiple concussions in the last decade and losing loved ones in significant ways. With these experiences in tow, I create imaginative scenes that bind together magic and realism, allowing for a more nuanced look at how we move through and experience the multitudes of our existence.

Original Art by Caroline Liu
Caroline Liu