Discover the Nostalgic Art of Louise Rieger

Instagram: louise.rieger.artist

Louise Rieger lives and works in Kent, UK. She is a painter working predominantly in oils. Louise studied at the Kent Institute of Art and Design and gained a BA (hons) Degree in Illustration. She went on to a career in children's television, working on art and craft shows such as 'Mister Maker' and the BAFTA award-winning 'Art Attack'. Louise developed and made artwork before becoming a producer on 'Art Attack' and several international versions of the show for Disney. Louise has always continued to develop her own work through her self-led practice, taking commissions and creating original pieces. She is now focusing solely on painting.


Louise is an oil painter of people, places, and people in places. She works from her home studio in Kent, UK. Her subject matter is suburban, unposed, and often nostalgic. Louise’s landscapes are inspired by places local to where she lives, but similar scenes could be found in any suburban town. Her paintings begin as pen and watercolour sketches, before taking reference photos and heading back to the studio for completion in oil.

The figurative work and portraits range from people she knows, photos of strangers, and more recently, family Polaroids from the 70s and 80s. Louise’s style is representational but often uses muted or ‘ever so slightly’ too vivid colour palettes together with a ‘snapshot’ composition. By doing this, she intends to elevate the ordinariness of the subject matter and evoke a shared feeling of familiarity.