Svitlana shares her story of growing up in Ukraine, starting with a different career path, and finally coming back to her first love, art. We talk about embracing our multiple passions and interests, using them for our art career, and the importance of creating the opportunities we wish existed for us.


About Svitlana

“I was born and raised in the beautiful western capital region of Rivne, Ukraine. I am the creator behind my brand, an artist, and a founder of all SHE makes - an online directory for women creatives worldwide.

I moved to the United States where I completed my education in Fine, Psychology, and Strategic Management. Inspired by the human mind and with a fascination for nature, I am a traveler at heart and appreciate experience through interaction and exploring the complexities of diversity in people.

Currently work and reside in Lansing, Michigan, USA. My portfolio includes a wide array of commissioned pieces, published book illustrations, and collaborations with West Elm, Minted, to name a few. My works primarily consist of watercolor and acrylic medium and I draw inspirations from abstract expressionist movement, regarding the importance of feelings, to be of significant creative interest.

Recently I completed an artist residency at Chateau Orquevaux, France where I explored an importance of accepting unsettling feelings as they come, and allowing my not so standard environment to translate into my work when the pull was to do the opposite.”


The use of powerful colors within my work has been an important part of my own healing and learning process. Every speckle, every brush stroke has purpose in the exploration of self and tells a story through the safe space of each canvas. My history, my culture, my purpose. An identity lost amongst the expectations of society and its constant mislabeling of body and meaning. I represent these struggles and my existence through a vibrant palette to show not only the freedom to exist as I am, but to find joy in these tangled emotions and portray the brighter side of letting go.

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