Painting by Evelyn Morgan


Evelyn Morgan is an artist and painter based in Bedfordshire in the UK. Evelyn was traditionally educated with a Graphic Design Degree, however, went on to work in business management for over 6 years. Evelyn could not hold her creativity and passion for painting any longer and two years ago decided to quit her job and pursue her a career as an artist. Since then, Evelyn, has been featured in collections and catalogues for Saatchi art and most recently exhibited at The Other Art Fair in London.  


My work is a mixture between abstract lines and shapes and portraiture. I’ve development my style by experimentation using digital means to play and manipulate with images to then be painted on the canvas. I cannot help but see all my works as designs but, while everything I put on canvas is thought out and planned, the design and creation of ideas is intuitive. I see my work as a reflection of myself, it reflects my thoughts, feelings, mood or even a phrase.  

A big inspiration in my work is fashion photography. This comes from growing up surrounded my magazines. I fondly remember buying fashion magazines because I wanted to see more than anything else the latest advert images and special photographed collections. In my work, I work like a collage artist taking images and to then create something new using shapes, blocks of colours, lines, and portraiture.  

Ultimately, my work reflects my joy of colour. Looking at new colour combinations and mixing colours I have not used before gives me the greatest pleasure in the creations of my works, which I believe makes the of what I am going to create next exciting.

Painting by Evelyn Morgan

When did you first begin creating art?

I began creating art in school and went on to graduate from university with a Graphic Design degree. However, I didn’t create for over six years. Finally, I quit my corporate job four years ago and began creating again, deciding that creating art and being an artist is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

When did you first consider yourself to be an artist?

A year and a half ago when I sold my first painting. When this happened, I stopped second-guessing myself and accepted that I was now an artist.

Who or what influences your practice?

There are many influences in my work, and they are continually growing. However, when creating my work, I take inspiration from fashion and fashion editorials. I also look to my past experiences; this gives a basis for all my ideas and paintings. In terms of artistic influence, my all-time favorite Graphic Designer is Saul Bass. Another artist is Agnes Martin. when I watched a documentary on Agnes Martin she was described as the greatest editor. This resonated with me, and I always think about this when creating my ideas.

Painting by Evelyn Morgan

Tell us about a specific moment in your career that you would consider a turning point.

When I was selected for the Saatchi Art catalogue. This was a moment when I realized that things were moving on an upward trajectory for my career and started to open doors for me. It was also the first time I was wholeheartedly proud of my work and ideas.

Where would you like to see your artwork go in the future?

I would like to see my artwork become bigger, working on larger-scale works, with a future project working on a 3-meter-long painting. I want to expand materials and expand the number of works in a series. Finally, I would like to see myself go deeper--everything I create reflects myself and I want to explore experiences and thoughts that I may have been too afraid to unearth.

Painting by Evelyn Morgan
Painting by Evelyn Morgan
Evelyn Morgan in studio