Celine Gabrielle never expected to be an artist. But then again, she never expected to be a married mother of two living in a small town by the ocean in Nova Scotia, Canada. But she is. Life happens. It also happened when a wrist disability left her unable to keep her aesthetics business going. She had to choose what to do next. She had always dreamt of painting. It brought her the same joy it always had, from finger-painting in kindergarten to sketching designs and making outfits when she was a teenager, to life drawing in high school art class.  

Currently, Celine is interested in identity. What we wear can mark a time and place, tell the world who we are or maybe who we want to be. She likes to blur the lines from haute couture fashion to thrift store finds and tell the stories of the people who wear the clothes with a big, bold, zoomed in perspective, focusing your attention on the details and allowing these people to take up space. A pop art style with bright colors in big hunks and chunks. Texture and shade folded in on itself to present something altogether different but recognizable. Alluring and intriguing. Never boring.  

Celine’s work has recently been acquired for the private collection of art world superstar Ashley Longshore. She won the People's Choice Award at The Artist Project in Toronto 2020 and was featured in the collection “Best or L.A.” during The Other Art Fair Los Angeles online 2020.