Earlier this month, Superfine brought together 100+ outstanding artists from around the world for its spring fair in NYC. In an elevated 30,000 square foot space looking out over Midtown Manhattan, visitors enjoyed a variety of special programming in addition to the curated art by emerging talents. If you missed out on the event, scroll below to catch up on some of our highlights:

1. Sarah Becktel

Sarah Becktel red panda painting

2. Jacqueline Davis

3. Marie Seguret

4. Cheryl Hayman

Cheryl Hayman hard edge abstract art

5. Jamie Russell

6. Jovanitha

7. Ji Young Yoon

Ji Young Yoon contemporary cityscape painting

If you are an artist interested in learning more about exhibiting at a 2025 edition of Superfine Art Fair, learn more here and remember that you can get $100 off your booth fee by mentioning Create! Magazine.