I am excited to introduce the How to Write Your Artist Statement & Biography Workbook! I’ve worked with hundreds of artists to craft and polish their writing and in my years of doing this, I noticed trends of where artists typically get stuck and similarities in the questions they have about what to write. In this workbook, I’ve collected all of my advice, strategies, resources, and more to help you write with confidence in a style that is your own. My workbook is the way to stop overthinking and just. start. writing.

Here's a peek at a few actual pages:

artist statement and biography workbook page

artist statement and biography workbook

how to write an artist statement and biography

This workbook includes: 

  • 50+ pages of written advice for crafting the best versions of your professional artist statement and biography
  • 4 journal prompts to help you brainstorm and get ideas flowing
  • 4 phrases to avoid with explanations of why they don’t work
  • 2 pages of resources for additional writing advice and where to read about contemporary art
  • 1 bonus exercise to immediately spice up your writing

For further details and to purchase, check out the How to Write Your Artist Statement & Biography Workbook page.


Alicia Puig has been a contributing writer for Create! Magazine since 2017. Find more of her work: www.aliciapuig.com