Turin, Italy – Ellen Holleman is exhibiting one of her artworks at the Artes 2022 International Exhibition in Turin, Italy. 

The group show features work of international artists and the theme of this edition’s exhibition is: Sediments, Stratification Memories. The artwork by Ellen Holleman is a mixed media work called ‘Calle 54/The world in a tree’. It features a portrait of a beautiful city tree, standing proudly in Calle 54 in the city centre of Merida, Yucatán, Mexico. The original artwork is a collage made of aerial photographies of existing landscapes around the world combined with oil paints on paper. In the collage, the tree has been freed from its harsh urban surroundings consisting of pavement, asphalt and smog. Instead it has been transplanted to an imaginery landscape. It reflects the artist’s love for trees, who she sees like small universes, and her views on how humans treat the earth and the places where they live.

Ellen Holleman is a painter, mixed-media visual artist and spatial designer based in the Netherlands. She uses oil painting techniques of the old Dutch Masters to build her images with many layers of transparent colours. But she also enjoys experimenting and using contemporary techniques, like digital collage and photography, as part of her creative process. The themes in her art are strongly affected by her work and experience as an urban design professional.

Please email info@ellenholleman.nl for more information, additional images, or exclusive content.

8-15 October, 2022

Febo e Dafne Gallery, via Vanchiglia 16, Turin, Italy

Ellen Holleman Visual Artist

Website: www.ellenholleman.nl

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ellen_holleman

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellen-holleman-429599a/