We are thrilled to share the finalists for our much-anticipated Issue #46, juried by Cohle Gallery. This edition promises to be a remarkable showcase of contemporary art, featuring an eclectic mix of talented artists selected from hundreds of entries.

Joe Hedges
Zhanna Tsytsyn

About Our Guest Curators: Cohle Gallery

Cohle Gallery, founded in 2016 and located in the heart of Paris, is the brainchild of Camille and Michael. Leaving behind their corporate careers to pursue a shared passion for art, they have since dedicated themselves to nurturing creativity and supporting emerging artists. Cohle Gallery is known for its diverse range of exhibitions, featuring both rising talents and established artists through collective and solo shows. Their reach extends globally through their robust online presence, making contemporary art accessible to a wider audience.

Camille and Michael’s vision is to create a vibrant community around contemporary art, encouraging both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts to explore and engage with the artwork. They offer personalized assistance to those looking to start or expand their art collections, making the gallery a welcoming space for all.

The Selection Process

Narrowing down the list of finalists from a pool of exceptional entries was no easy task. We are incredibly grateful to each artist who submitted their work and to our guest jurors from Cohle Gallery for their thoughtful and discerning selection process. Their expertise and passion for art have been instrumental in shaping this issue.

Congratulations to the Finalists

We are excited to present the artists who will be featured in Issue #46, launching between August and September 2024. This edition promises to be a celebration of creativity and innovation, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of contemporary art today.


  • Emeline Agnew
  • Faustine Badrichani
  • Sophie-yen Bretez
  • Marina Capdevila
  • Damien Chauvier
  • Olivia Cohen
  • Francine Hsu Davis
  • Pamella Diegor
  • Melanie Farrenkopf
  • Graham Franciose
  • Octavia Greig
  • Brennan Major Harris
  • Joe Hedges
  • Jennifer Huang
  • Spring Break Jake
  • Sierra Kanistanaux
  • Emily Kepulis
  • Poonam Khanna
  • Super Future Kid
  • Emily Parsons
  • Meghna Sharma
  • Ana Sneeringer
  • Paul Tambellini
  • Kim Tateo
  • Keren Toledano
  • Taegan Adam Treichel
  • Zhanna Tsytsyn
  • Linda Wallis
  • Luke B Watson
  • Anna Wilson

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks as we prepare to launch this exciting edition. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the finalists and look forward to sharing their incredible work with our readers. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for contemporary art.

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Super Future Kid
Anna Wilson
Kim Tateo