Allison Moyers is an oil painter and multi-disciplinary artist. Her large-scale oil paintings incorporate resin and other materials. The beginning of her artistic journey started in Paris, where she studied French, art history, design, and fine arts. Her European experience allowed her to travel and continue her education. She received her degree in Fine Arts and graduated with honors from ESAD de Valenciennes in 2015. After finishing her studies, she and her husband returned to the United States. She now lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.


My work explores the subjects of stardom, vanity, and excess within society with an emphasis on women and the feminine. I am fascinated by western culture’s obsession with beauty in film, poetry, and classic painting that have created idealized versions of reality. The stylized and romanticized art are indispensable elements in my work and correspond to the methodic use of color that expresses human emotions through their psychological representations.

Much of my inspiration comes from navigating the world with the knowledge of my womanhood. Essentially, I am the women in my paintings and I experience their emotions in dreamlike environments where my feelings are acceptable. I am always making a voyage in connection to my characters and I am, in a way, expressing what is inside me, what is hidden and forbidden, and what I would never be able to touch in reality.


I associate glam with celebrity and the unattainable. I can’t think of glamour without thinking of old Hollywood and the idealism that has spurred imagination and creativity for generations. The works I have chosen express the hidden side of glam and the sadness behind the ideal image. Glam is a way to express emotions and ideas that society forces us to suppress. Behind the glitter and fantasy are broken hearts, stolen youth, and shattered innocence.