ZINC contemporary is proud to announce a second solo exhibition of works by Seattle Artist Barbara Robertson at its gallery in Pioneer Square, in conjunction with a virtual exhibition and NFT collection release. Entitled STRUCTURAL ABSTRACTION, this collection is an expanded look at time and space, constructs and placemaking, color and shape. Largely alone in her studio for the past two pandemic-filled years, the artist created paintings that burst with color, sending out signals to the world as if to say - “I am here”.

“My work evolved in response (to the pandemic), with a whole new world emerging made of geometric structures filled with light and color. I made ten large-scale paintings of expansive imagery that I could immerse myself in as an escape from our small, restricted world, with imagery of new places I invented to explore or inhabit. Each piece began as a series of dozens of small sketches, as I created my own “elsewhere”. - Barbara Robertson, Artist

In addition to the physical exhibition of almost two dozen works on display at the gallery, ZINC contemporary has worked with Seattle-based Simply Augmented to create a virtual exhibition of works that predate the pandemic.

“The opportunity to showcase multiple series by adding a virtual element to the exhibition allowed us to highlight the evolution of Robertson’s work. Barbara had been interested in releasing a series of NFT’s but I was wary until we were approached by Simply Augmented’s CEO, Boaz Ashkenazy with the idea of collaborating. They provided a learning opportunity that we could not turn down and created a beautiful custom environment in which to highlight Barbara’s work. This collaboration means that we will be able to reach new audiences, and perhaps create an ongoing revenue stream for the artist, through royalties as the NFT’s trade hands or digital wallets. As our understanding progresses, we hope to include more of our largely female roster. Our mission is to make female artists not only visible but successful, and this new playground is a potential game-changer. Long term, we hope to create a DAO that would enable funds to be collected and dispersed to museums for the purpose of acquiring more works by female artists.” - Laura Zeck, Founder + Curator of ZINC contemporary

We are extremely excited about the opportunities and technologies that Web3 offers creators, artists, and designers. In addition, this transition to decentralized organizations, coupled with the ability to own digital assets, has created an environment where virtual worlds populated with 3D avatars can flourish. We imagine a future where at least half of our meetings, openings, and gatherings will happen in decentralized virtual worlds. Virtual showrooms and galleries are a critical initial use case for experiencing art, products, and merchandise in a dynamic and animated setting.” - Boaz Ashkenazy, Founder and CEO of Simply Augmented

About the Artist: Robertson lives in Seattle and is the founder and former president of Seattle Print Arts. Awards for her work include grants from 4Culture Individual Artists award, a KALA Art Institute Fellowship, and the Neddy Fellowship from the Behnke Foundation. She has exhibited worldwide in prominent arts centers in Norway, Greece, and Switzerland and is included in noted public and private collections: including the State of Washington Percent for Art, King County Public Art Collection, the City of Seattle Portable Works Collection, Harborview Medical Center, Tacoma Art Museum, University of Washington Special Collections.

About Simply Augmented:

Simply Augmented is a Web3 agency based in Seattle WA that specializes in developing 3D content for brands looking to establish a presence in the metaverse. Simply Augmented helps brands design and develop virtual environments, showrooms, and art galleries in addition to digital merchandise, NFTs, and wearables for use inside these interactive experiences. Simply Augmented has created 3D assets for brands like Herman Miller, REI, Target, Nike as well as art galleries and NFT projects.

About ZINC contemporary:

ZINC contemporary, founded and curated by artist and entrepreneur Laura Zeck, is flipping the status quo by representing a roster of artists that is 90% women. It is our mission to make women in the art world VISIBLE AND SUCCESSFUL – while making art collecting an experience of connection, curiosity, adventure, and fun!