In this episode, Alicia Puig returns as a guest host to interview writer, author, and speaker, Mari Andrew!

Mari grew up in Seattle, went to college in Chicago, taught English in Chile, and spent a few years working in Baltimore and DC before eventually deciding to move to New York, which is where she currently lives and works. Her first book, Am I there yet?, is a collection of observations from being in her 20s and navigating the murky waters of dating, heartbreak, grief, moving, finding community, and creating home in a studio apartment. She has led workshops on creativity, healing, and personal resilience, and has two signature courses on Skillshare. Mari recently wrote her second book when she was recovering from illness and finding home within herself. Transitioning us through all the phases of the sky—twilight, golden hour, night, and dawn—”My Inner Sky” is a collection of essays that parallels these with all of the moments, be it small, momentous, heartbreaking, anxiety-inducing, or healing, that life brings our way. It invites us to reconnect with the in-between that happens in the everyday.

"My Inner Sky" is now available! Click here to purchase on Amazon,, Indiebound, or Barnes & Noble. You can also follow the author on Instagram to learn more.