Kari-Lise Alexander paints photo-realistic, stunning women engulfed in wet, textural scenes of dripping flowers, butterflies and cloth. These women are often submerged into water, which forms an interesting glow of reflections surrounded with floating hair and pedals like an aura around these individuals. Not an easy subject to paint, water fills Alexander’s compositions creating hyperreal, fractured colour and light. In her most recent body of work, water appears to be dripping from the canvas, magnifying and manipulating the organic elements found in her paintings. Deep hues of magentas and violets once held within the confines of the flowers pedals now dissolve and run together as they drip down the composition. The women in her paintings then become saturated in these vivid, organic colours found in nature. The immersive quality that the element of water exemplifies in Alexander's work pulls the viewer within the frame, into and under these worlds of water.

Her website explains, “Kari-Lise Alexander’s work is rooted in the old folklore of her Scandinavian heritage as well as inspired by her home in the Pacific Northwest. Her style captures the unique qualities of both her heritage and her home.”

Living in the rainy city of Seattle, Washington no doubt inspires her dripping, rain-filled paintings. Kari-Lise Alexander’s highly detailed paintings can be found in galleries around the world, as she is represented internationally. Prints of her beautifully drenched paintings are also available online.