The paintings of artist Anna Wehrwein contain striking angles and unique perspectives that will pull you into a space of self-reflection and intimacy. Intense fields of colour spread across the composition, flattening foreground and background and creating a still sense of unity amongst the people and their environments. The vivid, outlandish hues that are so distinctive to Wehrwein’s style draw our attention to each seemingly commonplace interaction, allowing us to slow down and find the joy in these everyday encounters. Calm scenes of haircuts, bathing, gardening and just simply lounging explore domestic activities and the people that reside within what can often be seen as both a private and public space. The figures in her paintings appear comfortable and relaxed, as they allow us to share with them a sense of closeness and trust. Wehrwein describes her artwork:

“At the heart of the work are the real relationships and community it depicts: artists and friends who use the domestic space as a site of creativity. It is a space in which beers are had, ideas are shared, tattoos are given, and paintings are made.”

Having studied both creative writing and fine art, Wehrwein has a large and diverse range of talents that not only extend to the medium of painting, but also drawing, collage, video and curation.