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Happy Studio Sunday!

Every week we will pick a winning image of a reader's studio space and feature it on our website and social media.

Today we explore the beautiful, inspiring work of Tara Leaver:

"I’ve been making things with my hands for most of my life, although my Big Love is painting. {My other Big Love is the sea, which you will soon find out if you hang out with me for about five minutes.

I love to learn, and have taken {and continue to take} all sorts of classes, in college and abroad, online and offline. I love experimenting with anything I can get my hands on, creatively speaking. In 2014 I trained with renowned creativity coach Eric Maisel in the name of better teaching what I’m learning.

Like any life though, it hasn’t all been sunshine, sea spray and painty hands. I went through clinical depression over a period of many years that caused my creativity to effectively shrivel up from neglect, and made me frequently too ill to function at more than a basic level, never mind break out the paintbrushes.

Having tried various forms of therapy and medication with no real success, the turning point for me was when I rediscovered my creative self alongside the development of a lifelong interest in alternative healing methods, including Reiki and Tai Chi. I have been exploring and combining the two areas for the last seven years, and it has changed everything."

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