Textile and fiber artist Elizabeth Pawle gives us an endless sea of color inspiration in her beautifully complex stitched patterns and weavings. The artist is a master of creating intense and unexpected color combinations in her one-of-a-kind embroidery pieces. Her highly textural work captures an abstraction that is distinctly her own, with every bright patch of yarn stitched in its place, creating an amazing sense of intricate balance. It is always amazing when you can see the artist’s love for what they do through the beauty in their work, as Pawle says, “To go a day without placing a stitch is unthinkable.”

Her embroidery often covers almost every inch of her wall hangings, looking similar to an aerial view looking down onto a bustling city. The artist’s weavings are just as unique, as a mixture of different fibers causes them appear to be sprawling down the wall, as if they are growing all on their own. Pawle explains her process of combining diverse fiber materials to create such multifaceted creations.

“I love combining colours to see how they work together and I endeavour to pair natural traditional materials with modern colours. So I use wools and soft merino roving in neon colours and work them across cotton warps and into natural canvases.”

Living and working in Suffolk, England, Pawle brilliantly takes the traditional art of embroidery and weaving and takes it to a new level, transforming it into unmistakably modern creations. Make sure to check out the artist’s online shop, where her amazing pieces are available.