Crystal Morey channels the fragility present in the relationship between mankind and our ecosystem in her breathtaking, porcelain sculptures. The delicate material that she uses in her hybrid animal and human figures reflects the unstable state of the environment today—ready to break at any moment. Morey’s porcelain and ceramic work gives birth to its own mythology, forming a life source created by the artist’s hand and imagination. Each finished piece is like a character from a fable, figures of folklore that live in their own world—a world where creatures with human bodies have the heads of deer, foxes and hawks. They are one spiritually and physically with different wildlife, wearing nothing but materials found in nature. Morey’s body of work emphasizes the effects that humans have continued to have on the land as well as the living creatures that live upon it. In a time where the force of Mother Nature is as powerful and unpredictable as ever, Morey’s work asks, what change will our actions cause in the future, and what will be nature’s reaction?

“My figures exist on this frontier, absorbed in their own feelings of stress, anxiety and ambivalence. Sculpted from the silken white earth of porcelain, I see these delicate figures as containing power – as modern talismans and precious telling objects. They are here to remind us of our current trajectory and potential for destruction and downfall.” - Crystal Morey

Creating artwork full time in Oakland, California, Morey has BFA in Ceramic Sculpture from the California College of the Arts and an MFA in Spatial Art from San Jose State University. Her work as been exhibited throughout the US and abroad, and has been featured in numerous publications.