The work of artist Tristan Pigott cleverly plays with color and composition, giving natural objects like a houseplant or a head of lettuce outlandish hues. He radically transforms an ordinary space by subtly changing smaller details, creating an air of strangeness and even silliness. The artist often adds elements of humor to draw the viewer’s attention to different aspects of the composition, and perhaps to also draw attention to the more bizarre qualities of our own lives.

Pigott’s paintings often experiment with image of images, such as those present behind the many screens in our lives. In one painting, we see an image of flowers next to an image of the same flowers behind a laptop screen. In another paintings, we see an image of a painting that contains a figure from a different painting by the artist. This bringing together of images shines light on the continuing distorting of what is real and what is not.

Cob Gallery describes the people in Pigott’s as those who are “attuned to the way that self-image is constantly chopped up, repackaged and beamed back at us through the wires and lenses of modern culture; the way that identity is always on ‘exhibition’, long before an artist gets involved.”

Tristan Pigott is currently based in London, where his recent solo exhibition Juicy Bits was recently shown at Cob Gallery this past summer.