Wolf, Mixed Media

Wolf is a twenty-eight-year-old, self-taught, mixed media artist. Her mission is to express her innermost emotions through her art and to truly show the world what she is capable of. She has been practicing her art since early childhood and has developed a unique and immersive style, using the entire spectrum of color to express herself. Freely creating and expressing her most intimate emotions through her work. Her paintings derive from her personal experiences, and how she interprets the world around her. She spends her days at her nutrition club, coaching her community, through health, and wellness. Her nights are spent in her home studio creating, at times, until the sun comes up. Inspired by her deep emotions and need to create. Her Favorite artist is Jean Michel Basquiat, inspired by his creative freedom and work ethic she can harnesses that inspiration to create more freely. While Wolf has been through quite a bit of trauma in her youth, she has been able to heal herself drastically through her art. She became a business owner at just 24 years old and has remained successful since, exponentially growing her business yearly through her ever-growing community, following, and her sheer determination. Her personality and bright demeanor attract all types of people and she is able to keep them around with her positive attitude and eagerness to help regardless of the problem presented. | @wolfcreates | Mixed Media

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