Volta Voloshin-Smith, Watercolor and Gifs

Volta Voloshin-Smith is an immigrant, originally from Moldova, and currently living in Dallas, TX.

Volta founded Color Snack as a way to share tips, encourage others to live a creative life, and help build the next generation of artists by donating a portion of proceeds to local art education.

Volta’s mission to watercolor the world can be seen in the various projects such as  brand activations, custom illustrations and animations that she creates for national and international brands like Dallas Mavericks and Pernod Ricard). She has taught thousands of students online and in-person watercolor workshops, where she encourages everyone to rediscover their inner artist.

Volta is the creator of Watercolor Meditations, a concept and online class that combines breathing exercises with watercolor techniques for a calming and relaxing experience.

Volta’s podcast show - Art, Snacks + Affirmations -  is a space where she helps artists and creative entrepreneurs level up and build a resilient mindset. She also is a co-host to a  live Instagram show where she and her husband share cocktail recipes and then teach others how to paint them. | @colorsnack | Watercolor and Gif Artist

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