Verona Peñalba, Painting

Verona Peñalba is a deeply intuitive painter who connects with the human spirit through portraiture and vibrant color. With a strong inclination to describe the uniqueness of a given subject while conversely welcoming all their parts, she injects raw emotional power by highlighting expression and often accentuating distinctive features. Peñalba is drawn especially to the ’sacred feminine' , inspired by the women in her life and their influence in the world, and they make up a majority of her portraits.

Peñalba is interested in natural connection and the flow of energy in all its forms, apparent in her work through a carefully considered high-key color palette of neons and jewel tones that could be compared to ‘“auras” and vibrate in her portraits and abstracts.

As a positive and optimistic person and artist, Verona strives to underline those aspects of the human condition to great effect.

Color also takes a leading role in the form of her large abstract. These compositions pulse with an energy that describe currents, clouds or other natural phenomena; another acknowledgement of the role of elemental forces in her life and work.

Nicaraguan Painter, living and working in Greenport, NY since 2016.