Tanya Marie Reeves, Painting

My name is Tanya Marie Reeves and I am a self-taught artist from outback Australia, working with both acrylics and textile appliqué. With beauty and passion, I portray empowered women upon the canvas by modern design likened to a combination of pop art, art deco, cubism, symbolism and art nouveau. I love to choreograph saturated block colour, simple lines, geometry and meticulous precision along with intricate patterns, textures and conceptual connotations.

I am influenced by strong, empowered women who are also vulnerable in-kind to be passionate, sensual and openhearted; I am influenced by colour and beauty, by divinity and magic, and by the spirited feminine connection with nature, the earth, and the universe. I am encouraged by my own growth, her lifelong struggles with depression and anxiety and her personal journey through many of life’s tough lessons. As a mature adult I realised something inside of myself I never knew existed, and I am now driven to help other women open their hearts and minds, and ignite their desires to all of the possibilities within themselves.

Over the past 20 years I have created and sold over 200 original artworks internationally. I have exhibited my artwork in galleries and fairs throughout Australia, in France, Italy and New York. I have won numerous awards including the Gold Award for the Master of Art International in London. I have also exhibited throughout Australia and have completed an art residency in Nice, France.

In 2022 I am wholly focussed on creating new artwork and am looking forward to a 12-week art residency with Valletta Contemporary in my ancestral country of Malta from June! I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love in life and I try to harness and relish every opportune moment.