Mia Risberg, Painting



Ann Arbor, Michigan | @miarisbergart

Mia Risberg is a painter based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, working in acrylic and oils. Born in Sweden, she spent her childhood often moving and living in various countries before settling in the United States as a young adult. She attended Pratt Institute and Hunter College where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Fine Arts. She worked for many years as a graphic designer, and book designer, in the publishing industry, before returning to a full-time art practice. She has exhibited at various venues in the U.S and, earlier this year completed an arts residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

"Nature and its visual details are a steady source of inspiration for me. I am interested in the tension between humans and nature, and the notion of the natural world around us as being strong and resilient, at times unsettling or mysterious. I am also interested in the depiction of places, people, and memories. These can be remembered or imagined, and sometimes ambiguous or undefined. I love the materiality of paint and my process often involves some experimentation with color mixing and mark making.” | @miarisbergart | Painting