Meagan Roldan, Painting

Meagan Roldan was Born in Manhattan, New York on October 22, 1993. At the age of eight, she moved to Philadelphia and started her journey towards following her passion. It started with anything that had to do with the art realm from doing hair and makeup, making jewelry; you name it.

In high school, she took an art class and fell in love with the subject. She learned about abstract art and gravitated towards it. Staying in the creative interest, she went to beauty school to become a cosmetologist and then college. After doing hair and makeup in salons for a few years, she decided to go back into the world she was so fond of and began to paint again.

She then became a part of a show in art Basel Miami with a company called The Body of arts that was based out of New York City. Then later, began retailing her work at a gallery in Old City located in Philadelphia named Philly Art collective Gallery. Meagan is currently residing in the Spring Arts area of Philadelphia where there is no shortage of inspiration. | @hotgirlspainttoo | Painting