Malaika Ross, Painter

Malaika Ross is a graduate of Hampshire College. She completed her B.A. in soil microbiology and her Div III thesis was titled “The Impact of Solar Arrays on Soil Microbial Activity”.  She studied Painting and Drawing at the Rhode Island School of Design, San Francisco Art Institute and the Marchutz School of Fine Arts.

Malaika grew up on the very small island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She spent the vast majority of her childhood playing outside in and around soil, walking among tall grasses, feeding goats and learning about the healing qualities of plants from all the women in her family.⁠

Malaika paints contemporary botanicals of native and introduced flora and unearths connections between her, the forest and seasons. The act of observing and documenting nature through painting and drawing as a black woman is her form of liberation, environmental stewardship and anti-oppression work.

Summer To Fall: Kousa Fruit (Cornus kousa) with Green Apple
Unusual winter: Mountain laurel leaves with fungus Mycosphaerella colorata (Phyllosticta kalmicola) and white pine needles
. Welcome winter: Winterberry, lichen on bark and birch leaves in late December