Lindsay Dew, Painting

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Nelson BC, Canada | @lindsaydewfinearts

Lindsay Dew is a Canadian painter who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, majoring in Fine Arts. Lindsay has also attended École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. Her artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Lindsay’s work has been selected for publications in both printed magazines and featured online. Lindsay has also participated in artist residency programs within Canada.

Lindsay primarily works in acrylic and inks on canvas. Her landscapes are created spontaneously and later honed in, instead of using a reference photo with a specific location in mind. She is interested in capturing a feeling of a place in her landscapes rather than documenting a location. Therefore, her paintings are open to the viewer’s own interpretation of their connection to the land. This has proven to be a fascinating approach for Lindsay, as viewers have connected with paintings, insisting that they are indeed a specific mountain rage and in turn, share their personal experience and history of it. As a result, Lindsay is learning lots of new areas to explore around the world.

Lindsay resides in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, a small mountain town where she is inspired daily by playing in the mountains year-round with her family and friends. When she is not in the studio, Lindsay is an avid snowboarder in the winter months and then enjoys hiking trips into the alpine in the summer. | @lindsaydewfinearts | Painting

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Lindsay Dew- Don't Panic painting 16x24-04.jpg