Leslie Braginsky, Painting



Miami, Florida | @leslie.braginsky

Leslie Braginsky was born in Bogota, Colombia, and adopted by a Jewish Family in Miami, Florida. After her Colombian mother and Cuban father divorced, Leslie returned to Colombia with her sister to be raised by her mother in her grandmother’s home in Cali until she graduated from Bellas Artes with a degree in Graphics Design.

Leslie is an artist of many interests and skills. She was a member of the Society of Children’s Books and was a freelance illustrator for five years. She also worked for the Latin TV channel Telemundo in the props department. While selling paintings during college, her work was purchased by a casino and the singer Sergio Vargas.

Today, Leslie lives in Miami, Florida with the love of her life and their two adorable young daughters. She does art with them daily as well as doing her own work at night when they are asleep. | @leslie.braginsky | Painting