Kim Tateo, Artist, Musician and Educator

Kim Tateo is an artist, musician and educator living in Troy, NY. She is also the Executive Director and Farm Manager of Friends of Tivoli Lake Preserve and Farm. Kim was born in 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. She was adopted when she was three months old and grew up in the state of Iowa appreciating open spaces and sunsets. She received a BA of Music from the University of Iowa. After college, she relocated to New York City where she resided for nearly 10 years and she loved exploring and collecting stories. She now lives in upstate NY and still appreciates sunsets, but also loves adventuring to the Adirondacks and finding magic in the everyday.

Her paintings are capsules of self-expression translating into dreamy landscapes and whimsical worlds, filled with color, creatures, and small details. She believes in a world of interconnectedness ~ that our hearts are tied to some incredibly beautiful thread that connects us all. She paints the scenes that the beings of our dreams see; full of reminders of beauty, love, and places where kindness doesn’t matter, it just is.

She loves working with bold colors, glitter, broken glass, gems, gold leaf, and iridescent paints. She uses blacklight responsive paints to reveal a hidden layer that is meant to be a reminder of the unseen things that are always surrounding us.

When she is not painting, she is singing or shepherding a flock of sheep (sometimes both simultaneously) and her work is greatly influenced by her time with plants and animals.

With that, she invites you to dive in, take a moment, escape into imagination, and “look a little closer.”