Jayn Anderson, Painting

My work is inspired by life experiences, emotions, music and how they all relate to fundamental humanness. I create to uncover the deeply personal and at times, uncomfortable parts of life. Through my work, I strive to present a visual language that we can all relate to on a deeper level. My desire is to provide a safe space for others to feel the freedom and vulnerability to connect to their innermost thoughts.

I approach my work with an intuitive mindset, embracing the raw and expressive nature of abstract painting. Through my paintings, I reveal a complex and honest understanding of life through color, brushstroke, and spontaneous mark-making. Music is an integral part of my process, and sets the foundation for the work that I create. Connecting to music evokes and guides a tangible state of uninhibited authenticity. Each painting then becomes a visual representation of the lyrics and insight that inspired it.

My intention is to explore my own experiences, and in doing so, give the viewer unspoken permission to do the same. To celebrate the intrinsic parts of life that are often hard to articulate with words. I am deeply rooted in encouraging and supporting others to find the courage to discover their own voice and embrace their own inherent chaos of life. I wholeheartedly believe that when openly flawed humans come together and share their strengths and weaknesses, we can unite and uplift each other in a community of acceptance and love.