Jalinka Gressmann, Visual Artist

Jalinka Gressmann is a Visual Artist based in Amsterdam (NL), with a background in styling & design.

Cibap, Zwolle (NL) 1996, 3D-design and Sculpture (HKU, Utrecht 1998).

She graduated BFA in Fine Art – Intermedia in 2004 at the University of the Arts Utrecht (NL)

Gressmann’s art is a spontaneous manifestation of her visions, perpetually developing in experimental and playful ways.

The results can be seen in surreal collages, mixed-media paintings & photography, drawings, and assemblages & in her diverse, interactive, creative workshops for all ages.

She is an Art ambassador for the artists for the Amazon program,

of the Amazon Aid Foundation (USA)

who stands to educate and activate to protect the Amazon rainforest.

She exhibits regularly in Galleries & Cultural Places globally, off and online.

And is exploring the world of NFTs.

Was Artist in Residency & created her projects & pilgrimages in Brazil (2017-2018)

New Zealand (2016) and Portugal (2015)

​She is currently represented by

the Carlos Reid Gallery Atlanta (USA)

DUTCH LUXURY DESIGN Art Gallery/Agency, Amsterdam (NL)