Elzbieta Zdunek, Artist

According to Umberto Eco, "every story tells a story that has already been told". In my collages, by reusing topics and elements, I highlight the inevitability; the repeating cycles and patterns in the history of humanity; the meshed hope and hopelessness; how often what we think we have an agency to choose, has been chosen for us beforehand. My goal is to allow viewers to read my works through their own biases and experience. I want them to decide who is the hero and who is the villain, is the outcome a blessing ora curse. I am fascinated with the concept of nature versus nurture, what makes us us, and how many different people we are depending on the context. I believe each of us is a composition of deep shadows and brilliant highlight, like the silent movies I am giving a homage to in my works.

Ironically, I often say that we are yet again in the roaring twenties, and, despite the technological progress, internally, we are equally broken and full of hope like our ancestors hundred years ago. This story, indeed, has already been told.

While art has always been present in my life, it was the pandemic and the lockdown when collaging became my main creative language, replacing photography. While photography allowed me to capture what already existed, collages became a symbol of telling my own story. I haven’t chosen the cards I’ve been handed and events that have happened, but I had to feel I had agency in combining them to stay afloat; to tell a story instead of allowing it to be told.

My life and heart are in Berlin, but my works have a wider outreach, being printed in art magazines in the UK and Belgium, and exhibited in various galleries across USA and inEurope.