Elyse' Jokinen, Collage Artist

Elyse' Jokinen is a self-taught visual artist that began creating collage at a young age. At the start of 2020, she was plugged into the online artist community and everything changed. Elyse' was blown away by the connection and beauty she found there and it wasn't long before Wilder was born.

Now, you can find Elyse' passionately sharing the magic of collage art through the Wilder Collage community. She's working to create a space of deeper connection with opportunities for artists to share and grow. There are so many amazing things on the horizon and Elyse' feels profoundly grateful to be doing this work.

When she's not facilitating over at Wilder, you can find Elyse' creating mixed media analog collage work from her home studio, shooting photography (mostly of her family), and bobbing in the ocean any chance she gets.

Elyse' has been featured with PxP Contemporary, All She Makes, Visionary Art Collective, The Art Queens, Arts to Hearts more.

Elyse' has had the opportunity to appear on podcasts such as Colour Me Happy, Create!, and Tranquility du Jour.